Waste Recycling

Recycling is now a very big part of our everyday lives.

Fortunately, with the amount of waste disposed of by consumers the local councils and the governments intervention there has been a significant change in the way waste is disposed of.

We now have recycling facilities and transfer stations to help control the amount of materials and waste being recycled.

Dirty Harrys is aware of the amount of recyclable waste consumers dispose of, therefore please take note of the types of waste for recycling and the impact on the environment.

The types of waste product that are recyclable are:

  • Cardboard & Paper

  • Green Waste (Pruning’s, cuttings and lawn clippings only)

  • Scrap Metal

  • Concrete

  • Bricks

  • Clean fill (This is soil only it does not include clay or sand or grass).

When hiring a mini skip please be aware that the costing of mixing any of the above products together will incur extra charges.  Any of these products together becomes a MIXED CONTENT BIN AND IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE RECYCLING FACILITY FOR RECYCLING.

The costing will then be considerably more expensive to dispose of at one of the regular transfer stations.

Please note:

Dirty Harry’s holds no responsibility for costs incurred when a client breaks their legal obligation of mixing the contents of a recycling bin with other materials not deemed as straight recycling and it is tipped back on their property.

The legal obligation upon booking has been deemed as being broken by the client and will be your responsibility to remove .

Dirty Harry’s will not be held responsible for any additional costs incurred for recycling products that become mixed content bins.

Alternatively if a mattress is stripped of all padding and cloth using a Stanley knife it can be recycled as scrap metal and there is no charge for this. if not stripped the tip charge extra cost $40 per mattress