Terms and Conditions


PAYMENT AT TIME OF DELIVERY IS REQUIRED  – Payment must be by cash, credit card or EFTOS.  Due to customer policy drivers cannot accept cheques as payment.

Bins can be hired for a period of 3 to 5 days.

Bins content must be level according to the State Transit
Laws therefore the driver will remove any excess rubbish if the driver feels it is unsafe for transit.

Bins may only be filled with contents specified at the time of booking or bins will be emptied back on your property.  E.g.  If you book the bin for greens waste and the bin contains soil you will be charged an additional fee to cover tipping costs for the extra waste.

Dirty Harry’s will not be responsible for any costs incurred by the client for returned or unacceptable bin content.


HAZARDOUS WASTE INCLUDES: gas bottles, car batteries, food waste, aerosol cans, disposable nappies, sanitary products, pet waste, animal carcasses, medical waste such as: needles, syringes , medication and bandages.

Due to work safe regulations we will not be able to remove the bin from you property until you have removed the hazardous waste products.  If these products are found hidden in the bins you will be reported to the EPA and their authorities will follow through with the relevant fines.


Asbestos may be found in the walls of older homes, sheds and bungalows and can often look like plaster.  It is a dangerous and cancer causing substance and must be prepared according to strict regulations before removal. If you are carrying out renovations it is best to check with your local authorities if you are unsure.

If you think you have asbestos please refer to the hazardous waste page for instructions on how to safely prepare asbestos for removal or call our office before you load your bin.  Please note there are additional charges for the removal of asbestos.

If any asbestos is found loosely thrown in the bins, it will be immediately returned to you and reported to the EPA.  Heavy fines will apply and you will not be refunded the cost for the bin hire.


Food waste is not accepted by any of the tips or transfer stations.  Please dispose of any food scraps in your home bins supplied by local Councils.


  • MATTRESS REMOVAL – incurs an additional cost of $40 per mattress
  • TYRE REMOVAL – incurs an additional cost of $9.90 per tyre
  • ASBESTOS REMOVAL – cost varies depending on amount to be disposed